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If you love crafting, welcome to Craftiosity!

Get ready for the perfect crafternoon - whether it’s carving out some time for yourself or arranging a get together with friends, your Craftiosity box includes everything you need (with easy instructions!) to make modern and useful projects for you or your home.

Each month, you'll receive a box full of materials, tools and instructions to make something beautiful for your life or your home.

It might be ceramics, book-binding, cyanotype printing, lino cutting – or something completely different! Each kit is carefully put together with clear written and video instructions to make it easy.

What’s inside the kits?
Each kit contains all the materials, tools and instructions to make a final piece. The only things you’ll need are household basics, like a pencil, ruler and scissors.

Prefer video tutorials?
As well as printed instructions with step by step photos, there are video tutorials you can pause, stop and replay at any time.

How much skill do I need?
Don’t worry if you haven’t tried a certain craft or process before - the tutorials will guide you through. If you’re more of a free-styler, then as well as the instructions, you’ll receive tips for doing your own thing too.

The kits are designed for adults to make (they can involve sharp tools), but they can be used under adult supervision – you know your little ones!

Happy crafting!

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