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Exciting science experiments for kids

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Everything you need to play with science, straight through your letterbox!

Letterbox Lab provide innovative children’s science kits as subscription boxes. More than just a chemistry set, each box puts together exciting experiments from different areas of science in surprising ways. Our kits are bright, fun and colourful, and they contain everything you need. There’s no list of extra stuff you have to go and buy before your children can play. They also fit through a letterbox!

There are two different monthly kits available: the Explore Box (£8 +£2 postage) is for kids aged 6+ and contains a least an hour’s worth of fun science. The Investigate Box (£22 + £2 postage) has more experiments and more items of collectible lab equipment with enough to keep a junior scientist busy for 3 or 4 hours. Both kits have full-colour illustrated instructions and online videos to make it easy to do all the experiments.

The subscriptions are completely commitment-free. You can cancel or postpone at any time.

Take your children on the incredible adventure called science.

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